Best of Missoula 2012

Survey ended May 10 2012 at 11:59 PM.

It gets so tiresome having people tell you what’s best all the time, doesn’t it? Damn elitists. That’s why it’s your time. We’re begging you to tell us which burger is the hands-down juiciest in Missoula, where the best place is to buy shoes and which bar has the best pour.

We know you; we take your calls and pore over your letters and comments, and realize some of you are nothing if not opinionated. That Best of Missoula ballot below? It’s one big soapbox and it’s all yours.

The rules are pretty straightforward:
• Be sure to fill out AT LEAST 40 CATEGORIES; otherwise your ballot will be mocked, ridiculed and not counted. Likewise, if you do not provide us with your name, email and phone number, your votes will not be
counted. (We promise not to use the info for evil-doing!)
• Don't go all crazy on us—ONE BALLOT per user! Ballot stuffing is bad...very bad. And getting caught doing so will get your ballot disqualified.
• If you have questions or experience any technical difficulties while completing your ballot, please email
• Encourage your friends, family, and complete strangers to vote! Ok, so that’s not actually a rule but we do appreciate your help spreading the word.

One last note: The annual Best of Missoula celebration will be held at Caras Park on July 12…we expect to see you there!

This survey is not currently available. Please check back later. Thank you for your interest!

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